Welcome to my new blog about learning how to use a DSLR camera. There are a lot of places you can go online to learn about DSLR photography, nearly all of them will have more experience and information than this blog. I got my first DSLR camera last December (2011), and I have been scouring the web ever since looking for help on how to use it ever since. I have learned quite a bit over the past 8 months since that time, but really it has pointed out just how much more I have to learn. For that reason I thought I would start a blog where I would record the things I am learning as I continue from here.

I plan to write posts as I learn something that is worth sharing, or find something particularly difficult that I can’t seem to figure out. Either way, I want to write about it in terms that should be easy for someone who has next to no experience with a good camera to pickup. We’ll see if it works out like I am thinking it will.

In my next post I intend to document a few of the resources I have found most helpful since I first got my camera. One thing I want to share right off is a video demo of how to use LightRoom for photo editing, because I wish someone would have had something like that available for me that same Christmas day when I opened up the camera box.


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